“Often we spend our lives looking for steps leading to bigger milestones and, in the process missing out on the little joys that come along”. In the last two posts, we explored the new face of brand marketing (Digital & Content Marketing). Organizations and businesses are focusing on creation of content that is appealing, engaging […]

“Perception plays a huge role in leading our actions. World is harsh, where first impression can never be under-estimated!” Yes, you read it right! Starbucks selling coffee, it’s a simple question but may be, you are not expecting it here on my blog about Social Media, SEO, Content and Digital Marketing. How many times you […]

“Some truths never die and businesses should never forget one of them. The Customer is always the king and with every passing day, he is becoming more informed, aware and conscious of his rights.” Content today is not just about the written word. A bunch of cool yet thoughtful eye-catching graphics, interesting fonts and lovely […]

The only thing constant in this world is the change itself. Often, the never thought becomes the way of life! I am a poet at heart, which means when I am not working (doing Social Media, doing digital/internet marketing, talking SEO, writing content, providing consultation to Non-profits whom I absolutely admire for their varied humanitarian causes, reading articles […]