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7 Success Factors for Mobile SEO!

It is not only important to work harder but smarter. With the staggering increase in the number of mobile users, mobile SEO is the need of the hour.  World’s population today stands at 7.1 Billion. 39% of this total population uses internet (including on smartphones and smart devices) as opposed to 16% back in 2005. […]

Google Hummingbird & the life after….

Google’s Hummingbird has taken its flight and the future is pointing towards Mobile SEO, Voice search and many other implications of semantic search. Is your organization equipped to survive & grow? Do you know why Google’s new algorithm is called Hummingbird? Simple…because hummingbirds are fast and precise, and this is exactly the direction Google search […]

From keyword to Context based search!

History is repetitive. Humans created technology and now technology is trying to understand what we want to say! What do you think when you type a query in the Google search bar? How often you just think of a word for the search bar? Do you ever have a reason, a context behind that search? […]

Spell-check for SEO!

“Often we spend our lives looking for steps leading to bigger milestones and, in the process missing out on the little joys that come along”. In the last two posts, we explored the new face of brand marketing (Digital & Content Marketing). Organizations and businesses are focusing on creation of content that is appealing, engaging […]

What’s the pandemonium?

The only thing constant in this world is the change itself. Often, the never thought becomes the way of life! I am a poet at heart, which means when I am not working (doing Social Media, doing digital/internet marketing, talking SEO, writing content, providing consultation to Non-profits whom I absolutely admire for their varied humanitarian causes, reading articles […]