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Google Hummingbird & the life after….

Google’s Hummingbird has taken its flight and the future is pointing towards Mobile SEO, Voice search and many other implications of semantic search. Is your organization equipped to survive & grow? Do you know why Google’s new algorithm is called Hummingbird? Simple…because hummingbirds are fast and precise, and this is exactly the direction Google search […]

Top 5 reasons for Social Marketers to be thankful for!

Life is full of action! From time to time, one must stop, take a look at all the blessings, and should be thankful for! It’s in the air, isn’t? Happy thanksgiving to one & all! Thanksgiving is around the corner and the world wide web is full of family recipes to be enjoyed while people […]

Are you ready with the content!

“Some truths never die and businesses should never forget one of them. The Customer is always the king and with every passing day, he is becoming more informed, aware and conscious of his rights.” Content today is not just about the written word. A bunch of cool yet thoughtful eye-catching graphics, interesting fonts and lovely […]

What’s the pandemonium?

The only thing constant in this world is the change itself. Often, the never thought becomes the way of life! I am a poet at heart, which means when I am not working (doing Social Media, doing digital/internet marketing, talking SEO, writing content, providing consultation to Non-profits whom I absolutely admire for their varied humanitarian causes, reading articles […]