What’s your big idea for SOCIAL!


“Company A: Let’s get new customers

Company B: Let’s get more visibility

Company C: Let’s reach out to old clients”


Let’s do Social!

Isn’t a common scenario? If you stand in a market place and throw a stone, it’s not shocking if it hits a company like A, B or C. Everybody wants to ‘do’ SOCIAL. In the happening world of Social Media, if someone is not social on social networks, he is seen just as the eyebrows raise for an illiterate. Social Media has become a critical necessity and a not-to-be missed part of marketing campaign of any growth-aspiring company. Companies adopting social will hire design specialists, content developers, WP experts etc. But they often forget themselves in the process! It is imperative that a company or an individual signing up for social media knows what he/they are going to represent. This representation is not about product or services. It’s about who you are and what do you stand for.

Let’s take a look at the direct advantages of having a theme to support your social media decisions:

  • Definition: Think of Apple, Think different! Apple has always been seen as someone bringing innovative and out-of-the box products. Their big idea is Innovation. It defines the company in front of their audience. Their products are enriched with a high dose of innovation, and they speak for themselves. The Apple team do not have to blow their trumpet for their products. It’s etched in the minds of people what Apple stands for. That’s the power of having a theme!   


  • Memory: Disney is a classic example when we talk about how people remember a product. The mention of Disney rings the same bell in everyone’s ears, be it adults or kids. They are the legendary leaders in bringing a fairytale like happy world before us. It’s no more about the story, it’s about a story portrayed by Disney. Their big idea, Magic, made Disney stay in the memories long after their product was enjoyed.

Disney characters

  • Selection: “Jack of everything and Master of none” doesn’t work in the world of social media. Using this analogy, it is easy to understand that not every social network will bring a company closer to its customers and hence its goals of branding and profit. The theme/big idea will identify its traffic source or subtly put, their customer base. Take the example of Tesla. Tesla didn’t opt for heavy print/TV advertising or didn’t heap every possible social network with its content, basically the corporate announcements. Rather, the Tweets from Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO fetched the company even greater visibility and traffic.


  • Head-start: What a company represents will clearly indicate whom it wants in its fan and follower list. Social Media is not about quantity alone, but quantity with the right quality. Thousands of followers on social network but none a potential customer is as useless as having a sundial in shade. Having a big idea/theme leads to market segmentation, thereby aiding in driving right and relevant efforts towards the target audience to bring in new customers and keep the old. Dell Incorporation chose LinkedIn not only disseminate information about the company and job opportunities but also to drive relevant audience participation in topics posted by Dell.


  • Pull instead of Push: Once the big idea is conceived and market campaigns designed around it, it’s only a matter of timely consistent efforts that the company is moving towards branding. A brand doesn’t have to involve into push techniques, rather it nurtures itself by pulling the market towards it. The consistent representation of the big idea based marketing enables the company to retain the customers for a long time. Facebook is one of the best examples as a brand that pulls in people. Once established as the social network pioneer, it has reached 1.01 billion monthly active users in 2014 Q1.

Having a big idea is at the core of any marketing campaign, be it traditional marketing or internet marketing. Without that big idea or the theme in the background, it’s a journey without any goal. So, define your big idea first and let social give you a head-start in defining your online presence, select your channels, make you memorable in minds of your audience by just pulling them in with your identity.


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