Top 5 reasons for Social Marketers to be thankful for!

Life is full of action! From time to time, one must stop, take a look at all the blessings, and should be thankful for! It’s in the air, isn’t? Happy thanksgiving to one & all!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and the world wide web is full of family recipes to be enjoyed while people feel gratitude. It’s high time, we the digital and social marketers take time to count our blessings too! World is changing every day bit by bit and technology is the cause and effect both for many of these major changes. We have discussed the changing FACE of the process of buying products or services. This thanksgiving, let’s see the 5 most top factors the marketers of today, the Social Marketers should be thankful for!

Media Meridian-Factors for which Social Media Marketers should be thankful for!

E-commerce– Actually, the reason to be thankful dates back to 1950 when the first computers were developed. The years later came protocols for network communication. It was year 1970 when e-commerce came into existence and years later, in 1990 Tim Burner Lee came up with the three Ws, i.e. the World Wide Web. The commercial use of internet followed much later, probably was popularized by Amazon. The Amazon online store tried to overcome the concept of marketplace consisting the brick-and-mortar. Ever since, we have seen an uprising, the buying & selling of products over electronic mediums, the E-Commerce. If not have been the emergence of e-commerce, the present day marketing would not have been born! Who ever thought, we would buy stuff without touching/holding/feeling/smelling! 

Social Networks- Given the E-commerce occupying a prime place in the ‘to-be-thankful- list, how could Social Networks would be far behind.  Human beings have evolved from animals, and the instinct still remains, i.e. to group. Yes, he is a social animal, and needs to stay connected. The birth of internet has been a fundamental brick for the establishment of digital media and social networks. It’s not just Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many others today, but we can be sure, we are ready to take on to social networks in any form they come. The reason is we need to be acknowledged. Who doesn’t want to share his vacation pictures with his group of friends, and who cares if friends of friends see these pictures too! Who do not want to have a large professional network on LinkedIn today?  Exactly, this explosion and the ADDICTION to Social networking has provided tremendous opportunities to marketers to offer their products and services as never before. We are sure, you might have read Facebook posts by friends asking suggestions to buy A or B! Social Media Marketing has emerged in its full form and going with the speed of Tsunami waves, and the surfer (marketer) who rides these waves well, will emerge the winner. Social Marketers will no be less if they bow to the Social Media!

Great Content- It has been a universal fact since ages that customer ruled the market (at least ideally). Now joining him, is Content, great content to be precise. The 2 big C’s – Customer & Content both belonging to the royal family, being the kings are ruling the digital marketing world. These 2 kings exist peacefully in the jungle, supplementing each other in today’s jungle of commercialism, soaring technological advancements and existence of ever-increasing choices for products/services. Content is just not the black letters, but today what appeals to all of your sensory organs, is what is  the actual definition of CONTENT. All Social Media efforts, Search Engine Optimization would go in vain if there is no appealing and engaging content customers find on a company’s social profiles/blogs/websites. Today just like products and services, content is what companies have to offer. Content helps in brand building, aids customers in their buying decision making process. It is today the key to customer’s heart and mind, hence Social Marketers definitely need great content as on top of their marketing effort-list. 

Hummingbird- This season Hummingbird is flocking and, the good thing is we don’t need nectar of succinct keywords. Google, the most popular search engine is trying to be human. More than ever, long tail keywords which are more like what comes to your mind when u r on that search bar are in vogue. Social Media personnel and search engine optimizers no more have to optimize their sites for keywords, or do that grueling keyword analysis before they can disseminate any content or marketing piece on their website/promotional platform. With Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, the context of the search has changed the face of search. Google’s context based search or conversational search is based on knowledge graphs, and hence shifts Google’s base from information engine to knowledge engine. This has eased the life of social marketers too because now search is natural and more logical than ever before. 

People- People aka consumers, customers, clients, assets, resources are the center point everything revolves around. if not they, there would not be any products/markets/offers/bargains etc. The people are the foremost and the most important asset to any business. Social Media Marketing is aimed at ‘social’ which represents plethora of personalities, different thought processes, lifestyles, dreams, goals and ambitions. Based on these differences, marketing efforts have to be planned and organized. Marketing is never one-way, it’s not just pre-sales. It often begins after the sales. Post-sales response has nothing to do with the abstract concept of market, but is related to the end-user i.e. the People! The conscious study of ‘people’ leads marketers, especially the behavioral study of people on social profiles forms the job content of most of the digital marketing professionals. Social Marketers have a big responsibility towards society. Often they are the ones who steer the society in the direction provided by technology, and they know it well, these directly affects the people aka customers. 

The 5 factors/reasons mentioned in this post, we believe are the foundation of any social and digital marketing strategy and hence should be taken good care of. If you are a business or individual yet to explore the new world of social and search, contact us! If you would like to suggest any topic you would like to read/learn more about, feel free to share in your comments.


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