Marrying Social Media? Beware!

This is the question about quantity! Social Media can be quality but it can soon turn out to be like excess salt in the food!

Every single Facebook update, Twitter tweet, Tumblr tumblog, Pinterest Pin, G plus +1s, blog etc. is screaming ‘Read me’, ‘look at me’!!!! Social Media is about using media for being ‘Social‘. But today, it’s used to such an extent that ‘Social’ has turned out to be ‘Self-Obsession’.

The advent of smartphones have fueled the Internet usage (Lookout Inc. gives an interesting and real view). The presence of social networks have provided people with numerous opportunities to be social, online, in touch, updated. But it is equally true that social networking is promoting self-obsession. You don’t agree, take a look-

  • How often have you checked your smartphone for your social profile while you are having meals!
  • How often have you ignored or not heard what your real (actually present) social network is talking to you, when you are busy placing a ‘check-in’ update on Facebook or tweeting about it!
  • How often when you are enjoying your vacation in lush green mountains or when you are relaxing after a long tired day, suddenly you jump up and put this ‘tired’ or ‘enjoying nature’ update on your social network!
  • How often you have wished for a ‘red’ signal on a traffic light so that you can quickly access the social channels?
  • How often you are found on social channels when you are crossing a street, or using washroom or visiting places of worship?
  • How often you are ‘social’ from office while working on your desk, while in a meeting?

How often do you check your smartphone?

This refers to Social Networking Addiction. Yes, Social Media is considered as an addiction if you don’t know where to stop. If you spend unreasonable amount of time on social channels and that to, without any specific goal or purpose, if you hit that ‘refresh’ button every now and then, if you keep following (actually ‘stalking’) people’s (friends or non-friends) profiles on these channels, if you keep checking your own photos/messages, you are going the wrong way! If you think, you can answer this ‘often’ you can judge for yourself if, marrying Social Media is a right decision or not!

Social Media is a tool. It’s great for-

  • Staying in touch with friends/acquaintances
  • Finding old friends/acquaintances
  • Searching for job opportunities (as these days, a lot of job search agents/companies put their requirements online- in forums, on different social channels)
  • Staying up to date about peers and competitors
  • Getting traffic (visibility) for your entrepreneurial initiative, for your product/service offering

But, Social Media is like salt in food. The right amount brings the perfect taste. A little more can completely spoil the appetite and even burn the tongue. So, what should be done! You can try

  • Limit the usage of smartphones (which actually fuel the social media addiction and makes them omnipresent) to when actually needed.
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds to your favorite or relevant blogs so that when they have an update, you just check your reader. This would make the chances of getting distracted in the maze of numerous updates very less.
  • Schedule your social time. This means free some time when you would be ‘social’. Limit this stringently.
  • Refrain from wandering in unknown people’s profiles/updates.
  • Meditate if nothing from the above works (even if everything from the above works). This would calm your mind and help you focus on what is important.

Businesses/organizations should also be aware that wasting endless minutes on social media would not lead them to have more clients or higher visibility on search engines. They should make optimum and efficient use of Social Media. Here are a few relevant actions that can be taken-

  • Do not bombard your client’s emails/RSS feeds with too frequent updates. This may put them off from reading even the headline. Business connections are human beings too!
  • Identify the target audience. Do not go over each and every possible social channel available. Identify what channel they use the most. This way several man-hours would be saved building up profiles on social channels which may in any case won’t bring any value.
  • Try meeting clients/prospects face to face, rather than socially. Organize social media calendar effectively.
  • Connect with causes rather than just social channels. Make your company’s presence felt in the community through social channels, do not just present your social content as a marketing gimmick. Be real!

Social Media is a boon. Do not make it a curse. If you think, you are a social media addict, go through your priorities and weigh your social media needs. If you are a company, and do not know how to be happily & effectively married to Social Media, Contact us to let us help you do it for you. Subscribe to our feed so that you can save minutes and enjoy reading our content in a leisure manner.

It’s your life. Stay alive to remain ‘Social’…We wish you relaxed social networking!



  1. Thanks Teena Bhatia. Stay tuned to read interesting updates about Social Media usage.

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  3. Very true, Shaifali 🙂
    Been there & done that! Was more obsessed with my Smartphone; now de-addicted after Blogging for a major time. Succeeded 🙂

    1. Good to know Anita. I am sure a lot many people can relate to this post. Social Media is a boon but like salt should be used in perfect amount.

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