Is Starbucks selling coffee?


“Perception plays a huge role in leading our actions. World is harsh, where first impression can never be under-estimated!”

Yes, you read it right! Starbucks selling coffee, it’s a simple question but may be, you are not expecting it here on my blog about Social Media, SEO, Content and Digital Marketing.

How many times you have hunted for a good restaurant? Numerous! But are you normally searching for only good food! No, you want good food and a lot of other things too. This is what I am trying to answer.

Starbucks is almost synonymous to coffee (hey, any Starbucks big folks around, read this!!!). But is it only selling coffee? You can make coffee at home or drink it at a friend’s place. Why Starbucks? Perception!

Search engines are like encyclopedias today. We just give a word/little text/question, anything and phhew…we have hundreds of thousands of results that may answer our search. Organizations today are in a rat race to be at the top of pages of search engines. This herculean task comes under Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Digital marketing specialists, Social Media managers, SEO enthusiasts toil with keywords, HTML tags, page descriptions, inbound and outbound links to get to the first page of the search engines. Being there, establishes them as a trusted website and displays them as an authority in that domain.

SEO as apparent is very important and cannot be ignored to attain that position on a search engine page. But, this is not enough! Starbucks is not only selling coffee, but it offers a lot of other things. It is seen as a comfortable, quality-place to meet friends/clients, chitchat and hold small business discussions. It offers free Wi-Fi. So, it sells coffee (the product) and the space & the feeling (the user experience).

On the same terms, websites offer much more than information or services. I am a SEO and Social Media enthusiast. I visit and read a lot of blogs related to these fields. I look for great informative content presented in a easy, simple and appealing manner. But that’s not enough for me. I want a whole user-experience. I want a good feel of the website I am visiting, I want proper size of fonts (readability), I want original headlines, I need simple professional color-scheme on the page and I need them to be consistent on the website. There are a whole lot of things that I need apart from great content.

Great content and a complete user-experience are not optional rather they are complimentary. They go hand-in-hand, much more today, in the era of digital marketing than any other times.

A lot of positions are reserved in software as well as service companies for user-experience design. They focus on interface, visual design, information presentation, information labeling and structuring, graphics, usability and accessibility. They ensure that the website itself speaks volumes about the purpose it was founded for.

A holistic approach has to be be adopted for success of any business that targets digital media for its promotion. Keep the perception with the quality of the content and the place that houses the content. Keep reading and let me know with your comments and suggestions as to what more you would like to read.


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