Are you ready with the content!

Some truths never die and businesses should never forget one of them. The Customer is always the king and with every passing day, he is becoming more informed, aware and conscious of his rights.”

Content today is not just about the written word. A bunch of cool yet thoughtful eye-catching graphics, interesting fonts and lovely colors adorning the text, videos engaging a visitor/reader emotionally and surging him up intellectually are all forms of content today. In today’s world, content pleases the sense of sight, hearing as well touch.

In the last post, I talked about the changing way of life. With the emergence of newer applications and apps, the way we distribute, disseminate and communicate information is also rebirthing. Earlier, it was newspapers, and then radio and television and the whole scenario changed with the birth of the Internet. In today’s world of digital marketing, the use of tablets/laptops/smartphones/digital billboards has all facilitated the spread of our voice to a larger audience.

Moreover, when we post a query to a search engine, there is an internal fight behind the search bar. The results as called SERP (Search Engine Results Page) are presented on the basis of an algorithm build upon factors that weigh relevance, quality and newness of content. This is the SEO game.

SEO’s world is the world where we talk about HTML tags, relevant and keyword -stuffed title and description associated with a webpage, backlinks, image alternate texts, analytics, page rankings, page relevance etc. Today, it is unbelievable if an organization that has a website and aspires to gain business through Internet, do not toil to get higher up in the search engine ranking. This search engine can be any, Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Businesses today want to make sure that their website gets relevant traffic and that the visitors are converted into potential buyers. It is often hard work to get leads from Internet because there may be numerous businesses with good websites/graphics/SEO etc. eyeing the organic traffic through search engines. I often wonder it is like a food mall, where many little shops offer variety of cuisine but how do I choose the best one? Ok, may be I go for the look, cleanliness, a friend’s recommendation, interesting marketing syllables etc. What if the decision goes wrong? For the decision to be right, the product has to meet the expectation. The expectation here is good food. On the same line, what is the food for websites? Yes, the content.

No matter, how much SEO I perform, how creatively I design my website, what cool infographics I use on my website, if the visitors do not find acceptable content, it’s all in vain. It is important for website owners to understand that if shabbily dressed website is a put-off, similar is a website with awesome look and feel but poor content.

The fact “Customer is the king” is almost like a universal truth, and in this era, great content is one of the foundation steps to win the king’s heart and thereby his approval.

Coming to the types of content, this can range from a blog like this one to a Facebook post/Twitter tweet, a compelling Youtube video, company online newsletter, pictures on Flickr/Instagram, appealing Pinterest pins. Wow, the world has changed for sure.  Most of this content is served directly to the audience and the intermediaries like distributors, advertisers, and marketers are completely bypassed. This form of marketing which starts with creation of smart and usable content to pull the audience in a push fashion with an ultimate goal of brand building is Content Marketing.

Keep watching this space to know more about interesting and meaningful ways to market your content. Stay tuned and your comments/suggestions/questions are more than welcome.


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