What’s the pandemonium?

The only thing constant in this world is the change itself. Often, the never thought becomes the way of life!

I am a poet at heart, which means when I am not working (doing Social Media, doing digital/internet marketing, talking SEO, writing content, providing consultation to Non-profits whom I absolutely admire for their varied humanitarian causes, reading articles on SEO 101, Social Media 101 or when I am not performing my chores- the house, the husband and the kid), I am decorating paper with words.

To go back in time, I started writing poetry and articles at the age of 13. Big achievement it was for me to find a way of expression, which eventually became a way of life. This happens with most of us, isn’t, in some or the other way, sooner or later. Yes, simple, unthought-of, novel ways become “THE” way to exist. This is what we are witnessing in the ever-changing technology times, i.e. today.

When Marc Elliot Zuckerberg created CourseMatch to help students select courses on the basis of decisions made by fellow students, he followed this idea to create FaceMash. FaceMash had pictures of girls and boys, intended for voting the hottest one. This became hugely popular in a few days that the site had to be shut down because of the server issues. FaceMash was the idea that led to Facebook!

Enough, to cut the long story short, unthought-of implemented ideas are capable of bringing drastic changes. Coming back to me, I used to fill diaries with poems back in 1990s. I never thought of sharing them with except a few close friends.

It became gradually a thing of pride to be able to organize words in meters, rhymes and similes. The word-of-mouth surely travels faster than light itself. Yes, that is how marketing starts. If we give a thought, when Eve asked Adam to eat the apple, Adam agreed (we all know the famous history after that, but that’s not the point!) because he trusted her. Yes, trust is crucial to any marketing effort, no matter how small or big it is. There are millions of people who use writing as their innate expression. How do I meet them? How do I read their work? How do they know I exist, and write? Word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t give me these results. Today is the era where traditional marketing efforts like word-of-mouth, distributing flyers, billboards, posters, etc. do not suffice. The world has become a village, and in a village everybody knows everybody. How? Internet is the answer and marketing has taken a new face. Internet has revolutionized the way we market, the way we promote, the way we distribute, the way we express.

A new birth brings joy. At the same time, it brings apprehensions, worries, and doubts if we would be able to handle the changed life. There is always a pandemonium, a hullabaloo and uncertainties as far as ease and understanding of operation is concerned. Internet or the dot-com gave birth to E-commerce. This was considered as the end of the tunnel and the path forward for hardly questioned. We witnessed birth of internet selling sites. So, the distribution of flyers in the local market or advertising in yellow pages was no more the marketing method. Online catalogs, content promotion, advertisement with varied media like text, images, sound and video came into existence. But, still this was not the end. Today we find ourselves browsing our mobile phones for Amazon or Google.

The birth of Internet has brought many new concepts that have helped create a whole new marketing paradigm. It is totally understandable to have confusions over the various concepts and applications that have been brought forward by Internet marketing. Terms like Digital Marketing, Internet marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing etc. are some of the popular words that keep buzzing around.

In this welcome post of my website, www.MediaMeridian.com, I am making an effort to clear the nebula that exists around these popular buzz words that have changed our lives forever.

Media Meridian- Your SEO/Social Media Organizer

Digital Marketing, in most simple terms refer to promotion efforts made using any electronic devices and digital channels. Electronic devices include computers, desktops, smartphones, and billboards. E-mails, social networking sites, electronic newsletters etc. all are the digital channels that facilitate digital marketing.

Based on the digital mode being used, digital marketing can be classified as Internet marketing, E-mail marketing and Mobile marketing.

Internet Marketing is the name given to promotional and advertising done using Internet in some or the other form. This includes use of Social Media (Social Media Marketing), e-banners, electronic ads and Search Engine Optimization. E-mail Marketing refers to creation and sending of promotional emails to stored client base. When smart phones/cell phones are used for marketing, this falls under the category of Mobile marketing. This also includes viewing of electronic catalogs or websites on smart phones, buying things online through smart phones.

Internet marketing is one of the major constituents of digital marketing. Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two of its big components. Social Media is all about getting social using media. This media channel could be social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc., micro-blogging/micro sharing sites like Twitter, Tumblr etc., online videos etc. SEO is all about gaining traffic to the business’s website and getting a higher ranking on search engines. SEO and Social Media go hand in hand.

Embark on a journey with MediaMeridian to explore this interesting and today’s way of marketing using all these concepts. My goal is to present information with an opinion that is different, creative and personal yet valid. I, welcome readers with comments, suggestions, questions and interesting links. Stay tuned to reach to the Meridian!



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