Goal: “Company A: Let’s get new customers Company B: Let’s get more visibility Company C: Let’s reach out to old clients” Solution: Let’s do Social! Isn’t a common scenario? If you stand in a market place and throw a stone, it’s not shocking if it hits a company like A, B or C. Everybody wants […]

It is not only important to work harder but smarter. With the staggering increase in the number of mobile users, mobile SEO is the need of the hour.  World’s population today stands at 7.1 Billion. 39% of this total population uses internet (including on smartphones and smart devices) as opposed to 16% back in 2005. […]

Google’s Hummingbird has taken its flight and the future is pointing towards Mobile SEO, Voice search and many other implications of semantic search. Is your organization equipped to survive & grow? Do you know why Google’s new algorithm is called Hummingbird? Simple…because hummingbirds are fast and precise, and this is exactly the direction Google search […]

Life is full of action! From time to time, one must stop, take a look at all the blessings, and should be thankful for! It’s in the air, isn’t? Happy thanksgiving to one & all! Thanksgiving is around the corner and the world wide web is full of family recipes to be enjoyed while people […]

History is repetitive. Humans created technology and now technology is trying to understand what we want to say! What do you think when you type a query in the Google search bar? How often you just think of a word for the search bar? Do you ever have a reason, a context behind that search? […]

This is the question about quantity! Social Media can be quality but it can soon turn out to be like excess salt in the food! Every single Facebook update, Twitter tweet, Tumblr tumblog, Pinterest Pin, G plus +1s, blog etc. is screaming ‘Read me’, ‘look at me’!!!! Social Media is about using media for being ‘Social‘. But […]

The difficulty in life is choice!  The more the number of offerings, the more chaos and confusion it is! Content creation today is not just words written in black. It is varied and colorful and appealing and engaging! It has to be, because the customer of today is more informed than ever before.  At the […]